Sol Seven Mix & Audio Post

Contact 818-430-0549 [email protected] is a 5.1 ProTools Ultimate mix theater based on the JBL Screen Array 3 speaker system . . . the most popular theatrical playback system in the world. Your mix will translate perfectly to theaters from Laemmle to Mann’s Chinese to your living room. Proven.

S7 has mixed for James Horner, Hans Zimmer, Shawn Mendez, Katy Perry, The Used, Herb Alpert, Burt Bacharach, Chicago, Sting, Bryan Adams, The Grammys . . .

Sol7Post has also done audio supervision & production for dozens of projects including Motley Crue’s THE END. Supervision & production services include DX editing, ADR, SFX, MX prelays & fixes, ATMOS stem creation/pre-mix and synthesized sound effects.

COVID 19 UPDATE: is open and working during the pandemic. We are a SAG-AFTRA Covid Certified facility. All surfaces, microphone, headphone . . . down to the door handles are sanitized between each session.

We are taking this opportunity to refresh our website. Please contact us with any questions. is a part of the Lehmann Boddicker Group